Make his e-liquid is same "DIY Do it Yourself"

Equipment and ingredients:

-Bases with account drops integrated

-Concentrated aromas with account drops integrated

Optional: an additive (+ / sweet + / acid, balancing, effect candy...).
Empty plastic bottles
Eye protection


A using the account drops, fill an empty bottle with your base ready to use (to make 10ml e-liquid: Add 8ml of base, the + / 2 ml remaining will be the aromas and additives).
The base containing nicotine should be handled with great caution. We recommend that you use latex gloves and eye protection for maximum security.
Shake your vials of aroma before employment.
Add a few drops of aroma (s) (see recommendations of dosage on the product).
Optional: add one or more additives.
Shake vigorously 10 to 20 seconds and leave for the maturation of the aromas.
Again wash your hands, clean your equipment and your work plan.
Write down your recipe to do it later or pass it on.


Revolute table for a mixture of 10ml E-liquid maturation:
revolute explications

Maturation is a must, this is the period that corresponds to the development of the flavors of a preparation of e-liquid. Indeed the aroma does not immediately, refer to the table above for the maturation period, but there are usually between 48 hours and 5 days.

For optimal rendering, it must shake the vial once the preparation is complete and a little each day to spread the aroma.

Also note that the maturation time differs from the base used. The higher vegetable Glycerin is important more maturation time is long.

The tasting:

Once the stage of maturation is completed, your e-liquid is ready to be used. If you find the rendering of the flavors too light you can add a few drops of aroma and let stand minimum 48 h. On the contrary if your fluid is too strong you can dilute by adding base.

Too dose = must dilute: Add base
Not enough dosed = add a few drops of aroma

Start with a single aroma before considering mixtures of several flavours.

For (optional) additives remain in proportions of 1 to 3% of your liquid mixture of base + aroma (concentrated (s), the additives are generally very powerful.
Tag your preparations (aroma (s), dosage, nicotine levels, production date)
Make your new recipes in vials of 10 ml, but in small quantities (5 ml) to allow readjustments of aroma or base.
Don't neglect the maturation phase. To reduce waiting time, you can add 1 or 2 drops of white vinegar to the preparation or leave the bottle 'open' a few hours a day by stirring from time to time in order to promote oxidation.

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