GUIDE TO START THE 1 ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE. How does an electronic cigarette? 


2 what comprises an electronic cigarette?

3 is. the electronic cigarette dangerous for health?

4. how to choose his electronic cigarette?

5. how to use the electronic cigarette?

6. how to clean and maintain your electronic cigarette?

7 resolve outages

1. How is an electronic cigarette?

There are several models of electronic cigarettes

(Ecigarette) but the operating principle is always the same. Unlike a conventional cigarette that produces a toxic smoke from burning, the electronic cigarette emits steam. Where the term "vaping" instead of "smoke". Many smokers become the vapers to quit smoking (smoking cessation assistance). For example, you enter the wonderful world of vaping!?? Did you know? According to the Ministry of health, "smoking is responsible for the death of 73 000 people every year in France." Cigarettes kill 20 times more than the accidents of the road." (source: September 2014)

2 what comprises an electronic cigarette?An electronic cigarette, e-cigarette or vapor

has three main components: a rechargeable battery, resistance and a supply of e-liquid. The battery provided energy. The clearomizer is the liquid tank which also contains the resistance. Thanks to the energy supplied by the battery, the resistance produces steam by heating of the liquid contained in the tank. ?? Did you know? The beginnings of the electronic cigarette or ecigarette go back at the end of the 1920s with the invention of vaporizers for inhalation of medicinal substances.

3 is. the electronic cigarette dangerous for health?Above all, remember that scientists have not enough experience to determine with exactituthe effects in the long term of the electronic cigarette. Nevertheless, here are a few concrete elements in terms of health.That contain e-liquids?

E-liquid (liquid for electronic cigarette) contain two chemical substances promoting the emission of steam: vegetable Glycerin and propylene glycol. The proportions vary according to the e-liquids. Propylene glycol is also used for many years in the food industry (sauces, seasoning), cosmetics, pharmaceuticals (inhaler for asthmatics). Propylene glycol is also used to operate the fog at the movies, or in nightclubs machines.

Regarding the electronic cigarette, propylene glycol causes a sensation in throat during inhalation. We're talking 'hit'. Like propylene glycol, vegetable Glycerin is present in cosmetics (SOAP, toothpaste, cream) and in the food industry, as an emulsifier. Through it, the e-liquid is more consistent. Vegetable Glycerin also facilitates its spray.

Some scented e-liquids contain food aromas. We offer natural or artificial flavourings. Artificial aromas provide a bright taste, while the natural aromas are more subtle in the mouth. Artificial flavours are more resistant to changes in temperature.

Their taste is stable in time. Finally some e-liquids contain nicotine. The dosage of nicotine, stated on the packaging, varies from 0 to 19 mg.

It remains to the vaper (e-smoking) to choose his e liquid according to its consumption and its need for nicotine or not. Discover classic tobacco Brown, blond tobacco, menthol flavors...

?? Did you know?

Propylene glycol tends to dry out the mucous membranes, it is advisable to drink regularly when we vape.

4. how to choose his electronic cigarette?

According to your consumptionTo choose your e-cigaretteyou, must first evaluate your consumption.

Indeed, the number of puffs you want to inhale (vaping) every day has a direct impact on the battery power

and the volume of the clearomizer.

According to your lifestyleThe autonomy of the batteries varies depending on their power, expressed in mAh (milli ampere hour).Count 1 h 30 to 2 h charge for the 180 mAh battery. for a range of 300 puffs.

Count 2:30 to 3: 00

charge for the 650 mAh battery. for an autonomy of 700 puffs.

Count 3:30 in charge for the 1100 mAh battery. for 1200 puffs of autonomy.According to your tastesTo choose the e-liquid (liquid for your ecigarette) you want to order, determine the sensation in throat you prefer and fragrances that you love.The power of the hit or sensation in throat

depends on the dosage of nicotine. The e-liquid, 0 mg contains no nicotine.We offer then the dosages of 6 mg, 11mg, 12mg, 16 mg, 18mg, 19, 6mg. To know the dosage that suits you, a small calculation: number of cigarettes average per day X the dosage of nicotine nicotine dosage is on your pack of cigarettes. On average it is 0.8.For example, you smoke 15 cigarettes a day, the dose that is right for you is 12mg. 15 x 0.08 = 12 mg you can mix different dosages to get one that is closest to your usual consumption.Generally we can choose:

For a heavy smoker (2 packs a day): a rate of 18mg of nicotineFor a smoker between 15 and 20 cigarettes per day: a rate of 12mg of nicotineFor a smoker between 5 and 10 cigarettes per day: a rate of 6mg of nocotineNamely : a low level of nicotine will not quite cut you the urge to smoke and conversely too high is not harmful but will give you bad headache and you immediately that the rate is too strong in.heart you.Tip:

If you are a heavy smoker, it is best to start with tobacco aromas before you test things more fruity or sweet. If you vape on a regular basis, remember to vary the pleasures by testing new aromas. Menthol, Apple, walnut, strawberry, cherry, watermelon, raspberry, cappuccino, vanilla... We offer a wide choice of e-liquids! Attention, some flavors are tenacious, it is advisable to have several clearomiseurs if you want to test several flavours at the same time. You can distinguish them thanks to the color of the tank.

5. how to use your electronic cigarette?

Step 1: Charge the batteryNo battery, no steam! Charging times vary according to the e-cigarette models, count of 3 to 6 hours maximum. For more autonomy, buy a second battery (backup) or give you adapters cigarette lighter, USB sold in our shop.Step 2: Complete the Clearomizer of E - liquidComplete instructions for use and image present on the form of the Clearomizer Kangertech T2: click here to fill out the clearomizer, you just unscrew the nozzle of your e-cigarette, also known as drip tip. Clearomisers we sell are transparent, so you can see the amount you pay, in a blink of an eye. Do not fill to the top. Let 1 or 2 millimeters to allow good steam flow. The e-liquid refills are store, preferably dark, in a cool place. Screw all the elements.

Step 3: Press the switch

All of our rechargeable cigarettes are manual: press the switch so that they work. The advantage of a manual cigarette is that it will trigger not alone in your pocket or your purse. Turn it off completely also lets you save battery power. A led indicates when the electronic cigarette is running. If she clignote, this means that your battery needs to be recharged or cool a few minutes.Simply press 5 times quickly the button to turn on or turn off your electronic cigarette.To use your cigarette it is insufficient to suck like on a conventional cigarette. You need to press the button on the battery at the same time as you aspire. You press the button, the more the hit (feeling in throat) will be. The sensation in throat depends also on the chosen dosage of nicotine.

6. how to clean and maintain your electronic cigarette?

Regularly maintain your e-cigarette can assure a better quality of steam

and extends the life

of your accessories.


• Clean the screw of the battery no with a cotton swab moistened with household alcohol to remove the deposits and improve the electrical contact

• Clean the clearomizer under the hot water. Blow to drain the water and allow to dry 24 hours. It is important to regularly clean up the clearomizer and especially before changing the flavor! It is advisable to change resistance between each flavor to have a better taste.• In normal use the resistance must be changed every 3-4 weeks, here is the link to the compatible with the Kanger T2 Clearomizer resistance: click here never use a clearomizer without e-liquid.

Note that the clearomizer is a consumable, even by changing the resistance every 3 to 4 weeks, it is advisable to change its clearomizer every 6 to 8 months.

7. how to fix breakdowns of your electronic cigarette?

Some failures are due to improper use. We list here the most common.

o you get more steam

Check that the resistance is screwed. Indeed, sometimes it unscrews when you remove the drip tip pour e-liquid.

o the cigarette made "glou-glou" you put trop e-liquid in clearomizer. Let 1 or 2 millimeters to allow good steam flow.

o battery does not or does not load

Clean screw of the battery which can be clogged. Check that the charger is not in question, by connecting the battery to an other charger.

o the led flashes very quickly, and the battery no longer works

Turn off completely the battery 1 minute so that it cools and then restart normally.

o smoke has a burnt taste Check that there is enough e-liquid and if necessary add more or less. Otherwise, this indicates that it is time to change the clearomizer.• You have the e-liquid in the mouth on the lips Do not swallow and rinse your mouth and hands. If possible, brush your teeth. Aspire more gently and the problem should go away. It is the first hits are a bit weak. It's normal. Let the strands of good time imbibing to better convey the fluid resistance.If you want personalized advice, feel free to send an email to our customer service at, who will respond within 24 hours, or to talk to a counselor chat directly on the site Monday (Rectangle below on the right) to the Friday from 9: 00 to 16: 00.

Any team my - welcome you into the world of Vaping.

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